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Replace any size T12 or T8 Fluorescent bulb with a T5 Adapter in less than 10 minutes without changing the existing fixture. The T12 Fluorescent lighting ban has started. As inventory of T12 Fluorescent Lighting products are depleted your customers will be looking for an alternative. The T5 Adapter is the quickest and most economical solution.

Note: Once the DOE mandate becomes effective, it will become common practice to remove less efficient T12 systems; therefore, retrofitting T12 systems will be the customer’s only option for maintaining their old, inefficient lighting system. Energy Efficiency Fund incentive programs will likely not support commercial and industrial T12 system retrofits in the future.

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T5-Retrofit.com is here to service Lighting Distributors or other large wholesale customers with volume purchases of the T5 Adapters. T5 High Efficiency Lighting will realistically save up to 80% on lighting expenses between the utility savings, reduced maintenance and elimination of ballast changes. The Federal ban on T12 lighting has been implemented and when inventory is exhausted the choices will be T8, T5 or LED Lamps. Regulations are moving the lighting industry toward T5 Lighting and LED. Both products are far superior to T8 Fluorescent Lighting in
energy savings and overall value. The T5 Adapter is the most economical to implement. The Adapters have a standard 5 year manufacture warranty for replacement should an Adapter fail. The T5 bulbs are included with each T5 Adapter. There is no ballast to change with the T5 adapter, creating an additional benefit by eliminating the cost of ballasts, replacement labor costs and reduced energy consumption. The T5 Adapters are available in double pin for the 4 foot Adapters or single pin for the 8 foot Adapters. T5 Adapters are available in 28W and includes a 4100 or 5000 kelvin bulb. A 6500 kelvin bulb is also an option available.

Replacing outdated T12 or T8′s with a T5 Adapter is a lowest cost solution and the conversion often qualifies for available Federal, State and Utility Company credits and rebates. Just 10 minutes to retrofit and you never change another ballast, get up to 60,000 hours life with more natural lighting and re-lamping becomes a janitorial function. No more electricians or maintenance staff needed to change lights. Most installations also de-lamp for greater savings. As an example, in a 4′ fixture with 4 – 32W bulbs, the 2 bulbs in the middle can be eliminated and only 2 of the 28W T5 Adapters would be needed. This is because the T5 bulbs are 1.6 times brighter than T12 or T8 bulbs. This offers quick ROI’s and a cost effective solution for replacement of outdated T12 or T8 Fluorescent Lighting.

Count the fixtures and you will see the savings add up quickly. Click on the picture for product pricing.

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